When planning a move, it’s important to be wary of scammers. This applies whether you’re making a domestic or international move.

Moving scams are widespread and easy to fall for as most people won’t use a moving service more than once or twice a year, probably even less.

Most moving companies and offers are based online, which makes it difficult to find a trustworthy company without doing some in-depth research on the companies.

These companies sometimes resort to paid ads in order to bait you into contracting their services. These ads can look extremely convincing and are effective at misleading people.

These ads and scams tend to target long distance movers and people who choose to go with the lowest prices even if those services are being offered by unknown companies.

Continue reading to find out how you can avoid ending up as a moving scam victim!


To start with, here are some general points to note in order to avoid moving company scams.


An immediate red flag should be when a mover does not insist on conducting an on-site inspection. Professional movers will perform an on-site inspection to take notes on the exact details of your move and the objects that they need to handle. Attention to detail is the key for professional movers – you can expect them to ask detailed questions in order to ensure that they have all the aspects of your move covered.


One more important thing that will distinguish professional movers from potential scammers is whether or not there is a contract for their services. If a moving service fails to provide you with a proper official contract for your move together with your moving quote, then it’s best to not do business with them since the lack of a contract means that it will be extremely difficult to hold them accountable for the loss or damage of your belongings during the move.


Finally, before hiring a moving a company, keep in mind that professional movers don’t usually demand deposits or large sums of money before carrying out a move.



Now let’s go over some steps you can take to help you verify whether a moving company is legitimate or not.


Although many of these scams originate on the internet, you can also utilize the internet as a tool to help you avoid them. Do google searches and check forums for feedback on moving companies that you are considering. Yelp and Google Reviews are a good way of seeing whether a company is legitimate, and even asking around on social media can be a big help. You should also try checking online to see if the company has a verified logo and address.


When it comes to moving company quotes, professional movers will always ask to set up an appointment so that they come and do an onsite quote. Beware of any company that refuses to do a quote on site. This means that they will most likely be coming up with an unreasonable estimate since they haven’t taken the time to go and learn the details of your move.


Being a professional mover comes with the responsibility of also covering all the possible angles of a move and making sure that the customer is aware of any potential issues that could arise. Don’t fall for companies that guarantee customer satisfaction but don’t have the knowledge or know-how to back it up. Look for a mover that takes the care to keep you informed and in the loop of the moving process.


Another thing to keep an eye on with moving companies is paperwork. Make sure that you are dealing with a registered, professional moving company by asking them to produce their paperwork, and never sign a blank or incomplete contract.


One more very important thing before proceeding with a move: check the insurance policy! Less reliable moving companies might tell you that all insurance is the same, but the reality is that different insurance policies provide you with different levels of coverage. What you want is an insurance policy that covers the full value of any of your items if they are lost or damaged, so make sure that your moving company is able to tell you in detail what your insurance covers. Better yet, they should also be able to provide you with a variety of coverage schemes to suit your needs.



Even after you have selected a moving company, it’s important to remain vigilant to ensure that your belongings are treated with care during the move. Always supervise your own belongings throughout the process of the move wherever you can, even if a moving company tells you that you don’t need to be there. If you’re busy, try asking a trusted friend or family member to keep an eye on things for you.


Another precaution you need to take is ensuring that your belongings are moved from one doorstep to another with as few transitions as possible. Some less reputable moving companies may switch trucks at some point during the move, or even stop off at another location to load items from another household together with your belongings. This practice makes it extremely likely that your items will be damaged during the process of the move, so be sure to ask the company if they will be using multiple vehicles for one trip or mixing in items from other households.


Ample preparation can help you save a lot of money when it comes to moving. A lot of movers charge by the hour, and some moving companies that appear to have low rates might employ the strategy of spending extra time slowly packing your items to rack up your bill. You can avoid this by preparing and packing your belongings in advance so that movers can quickly come in and get the job done. This will also help you keep track of your own belongings since you’ll know how and where you’ve packed each item rather than leaving it all up to the moving company.



When it comes to avoiding scams from moving companies, research and preparation is the key.


Seek out professional movers who have the proper framework in place to cover each step in a move, starting from the initial quote/consultation.


Professional movers will always do things according to the proper protocol to ensure that your belongings are moved safely and efficiently, but it’s also important for you to protect your self-interest by being aware of the procedures of a move, and taking the required steps such as getting adequate insurance coverage and having a proper contract with your moving company.


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