Royal Relocations

Major consideration in selecting a mover:

  1. Proven record with credentials/testimonials from previous customers.
  2. Prompt and efficient sales and admin support to achieve real time results.
  3. Provides a total hassle free relocation and high quality service. Ensure that your movers only provide the best packing materials/equipments, experienced packing crew, most reputable airline/shipping companies and most reliable destination counterparts.
  4. Knowledge about destination’s living info and customs requirements.
  5. Royal Relocations has the knowledge and expertise to ensure you a total hassle free moving experience.



  1. Charges will be slightly higher during peak periods.
  2. The peak period for Western countries fall between May-August, as it is the summer time and the most preferred moving period.
  3. The peak period for Australia and New Zealand falls between November-January, as it is the summer time and the most preferred moving period.
  4. You will need to make sure your movers have the proper insurance coverage in case anything is damaged during transportation of goods.
  5. Preparing the floor plan includes planning the placement of your couch or your entertainment centre to fully maximize the amount of room in your new home.

Home Relocations

  1. Decide on items to be moved and to be left behind. Segregate small/loose items at shelves/compartments in cabinets. Obtain some cartons from the mover to ease this process. Every item has specific size of cartons to be put into. For example, there are special hanging cartons for clothes and cartons for golf bags.
  2. Switch off the refrigerator a day before the packing date, to ensure it does not drip when it is packed.
  3. Drop off your children to your friend’s/neighbour’s house where they have some play area. And also very often children will miss theirs toys and will not bear to see them packed into cartons.
  4. Try and figure out which toys your kids do not play with anymore and donate those unused toys to a charity such as Toys for Tots.

Office Relocations

  1. Your office mailing address should be changed immediately. This is to make sure your clients are aware that you are relocating your office. While it is smart to notify everyone of your move, it is also wise to forward a mail to everyone just in case you left someone out.
  2. You should schedule for your utilities and services to be disconnected a day after you move to avoid any disruption to your business.
  3. Your will need to notify your employees about the new location and date to move in via a written memo to avoid any miscommunication.

Basic documents/contracts that we will provide:

  1. Moving contract
  2. Client’s questionnaire form
  3. Insurance form
  4. Documents with your shipping details and destination contract
  5. Customs form for shipments to the U.K, U.S.A, Australia, New Zealand and others countries.

Problems and Solutions

Problems : Your residence at your destination is not ready. This may occur due to the lack of preparation for your new environment. Hence, hefty storage charges may arise at your new destination.
  Solutions : Proper planning for your move into your residence should be made prior to scheduling the shipping dates. Royal Relocations offer free storage at origin for a period of time to eliminate this hassle.
Problems : Sometimes, customers may face these problems at their destination:

- Taxed or fined on restricted/prohibited items inside the shipment

- Problems clearing the shipment due to problems regarding your documents such as work permit, residence visa in certain countries etc. Consequently additional costs may occur due to the delay in customs clearance.

  Solutions : Your chosen movers play a very important role in advising you on the restricted items to your destination country and ensure that you have all the necessary documents for customs clearance before your shipment leaves its origin country.
Problems : Why do you need to find a relocation company?
  Solutions : Relocating is never an easy task. It could also be very stressful. There are so many things to consider from every aspect, especially when your destination is far away. By having someone who is familiar with the whole process can reduce your worries and put your mind at rest.

If you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact the Royal Consultants through our hotline or by using the email form in contact us section.